Best Liveaboard to Enjoy Diving in Komodo Island

For those who are looking for a good destination for their holiday trip, choosing Komodo Island as your destinations can be a wonderful solution. Other than its popular komodo dragons, a rare species of big lizard that live exclusively in the island, Komodo Island is also popular with its diving spots. It is due to the stunning and unspoiled coral reefs, various and colorful fishes, and big fish hunting activities that will make your diving experience become unforgettable.


In this article, we will give brief reviews about the best komodo live aboard that you can choose to enjoy your diving at Komodo diving center. The list of liveaboards are described below:

  • Calico Jack Liveaboard: this 30m sailing boat from Indonesia will give you the best experience of boat tours in Komodo Islands. It is built with the best using highest standard of tropical hardwoods. It offers an awesome outside dining, four luxury cabins to stay, photography and camera stations, a huge salon and galley, comfortable diving platform, and special storage created for underwater camera settings. It also offers great cuisine, especially Asian fusion. The crews are all professional and very friendly, they are ready to help you with everything you need.
  • Waow Indonesia: created from exotic ironwood, this 58 m sailing boat offers you a great experience with its luxurious facility. This sailing boat specialized in dive sites such as Komodo Islands, Raja Ampat, Halmahera, Alor, Triton Bay, and Ambon. In these sites, you can explore the stunning marine life and have the most unforgettable experience in your diving. There are 24 crew members that will provide you everything you need. The crews will handle all of the basic needs of the guests, such as coordinating land excursions and diving operations, preparing daily itineraries and meals.
  • MV Samambaia: this sailing boat is considered as new compared to other sailing boats. However, it does not lose its quality to create the unforgettable memories of the guests. There are 28 crew members that are friendly, experienced and professional to assist the needs of the guests. It also provides tasty cuisine that is fresh cooked every day. The guests can also relax themselves at the shaded sundeck and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia‚Äôs scenery. The cabins are at lower deck and it is decorated very well to give the best sailing experience for the guests.
  • Sea Safari: this Phinisi vessel provides ten cabins in total with air conditioner and bathrooms. It also provides lounge area and restaurant equipped with 32 inch LCD TV. At the outside, there is a bar area where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunsets or the glistening stars at night. A sun deck is also provided to relax between dives. The diving station is very spacious and a lot of advanced equipment is provided to ensure the safety of the guests.

Those are several liveaboards that you can choose to enjoy your diving Komodo Island. The prices of this liveaboard may be higher than standard, but for all the facilities that are offered, it is surely worth all the money.

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