How Do You Select a Heritage Hotel in Tamilnadu in India?

Heritage Hotels are hotels being run in forts, palaces, castles, residence and hunting loges of any size built prior to the year 1950. This is the definition of a ‘Heritage Hotel’, as close as one can get. The first thing you should be looking for when you are selecting a heritage hotel is that the general construction techniques, architectural aspects and the facade of the hotel should go well with local ambience and the traditional lifestyle and culture of the area.


There are a few selection criteria that help one in choosing a heritage hotel. A heritage hotel should have a minimum of 5 rooms or 10 beds. Any heritage hotel, apparently, will be judged by the quality of service and the years of experience that the management/staff have had in the business – an apparent measure of its popularity.

A good heritage hotel should have adequate parking lot for cars. Needless to say, all public rooms and guest room areas must be neatly maintained and well equipped for superior service. Check out the guest rooms and suites –they should be airy & spacious of reasonably large size with attached bathrooms. They should be pest free and shouldn’t emit any obnoxious musty odour. Check if the heritage hotel has a well appointed lobby or lounge duly equipped with high standard furniture, left luggage room and separate ladies and gents cloak rooms having good fittings.

It is always advantageous if a heritage hotel has ATM centres and foreign currency exchange facilities in the vicinity. A well maintained and well furnished dining room/hall in the premises that offers good quality cuisine is a must. There are several heritage hotels in TamilNadu that offer local cuisines with a natural taste and flavour tickling your taste buds. Crockery, glassware and cutlery should be of good standard. Spending time in a bar can be real fun and frolic if the hotel offers the right decor and atmosphere.

Drinking water must be absolutely clean and bacteria-free, and who in any case would like to catch cold, flu or viral infection due to water infection. Coming to housekeeping, it should be of the highest standards with ample supply of blankets, linen, towels, etc.

It is said that greatness starts within, and any heritage hotel should have well trained, qualified, experienced — and more importantly courteous staff.  A heritage hotel should also offer proper medical assistance in case of emergencies.

The heritage hotel should be environmental friendly with lawns, grounds and gardens that are well-manicured and neatly maintained. At the same time, it should house an efficient system for garbage and effluent & waste treatment.

As for the entertainment part, the heritage hotel should offer authentically local, specially choreographed entertainment — preferably performed by indigenous artists — to the hotel guests. If guests would like to see local attractions around, the hotel should arrange special arrangements, wherever possible, including traveltainment, wildlife viewing, birdwatching, camel/horse/elephant riding, safaris, water sports, trekking, water rafting and various other activities. You can add your own bit of selection criteria of heritage hotel to those discussed in this short article. Make the most of Indeco Heritage Hotels and its rich Indian Heritage Museum while you are at Mahabalipuram, Yercaud and Kumbakonam.

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